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Brisbane Acupuncture - SCM Stretch

These are the stretches that we like to recommend at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic for trigger points in the Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

30 minute treatments at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic

CLICK HERE for 30 minute treatment price and clinic details at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic 30 minute treatment sessions are now available for patients with single, acute and relatively simple musculoskeletal conditions. We have noticed that treatments can be considerably less time consuming in some cases* and our experience suggests that regular, short treatments can be …

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Simple Exercises to Stabilize Your Lower Back – Part 2

This is a slightly advanced exercise to stabilize your Lower Back which we at Brisbane Acupuncture clinic often teach to our patients. You will find it simple yet challenging, with variations that can increase the difficulty as you improve or get bored. Step 1: Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat …

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Brisbane Acupuncture – Labour Induction

Acupuncture for labor induction is safe for both the mother and baby as long as there are no serious complications with the pregnancy. At Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic we find that it is most effective starting the week of your baby’s due date. Standard Labour Induction The most common Western method of labor induction uses synthetic …

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Congee is the original and simplest form of food medicine. In it’s purest form it is slow cooked rice (although other grains may substitute). Traditionally it has been used as an economical source of energy. The reason being that the slow cooking process does a lot of the hard work for your digestive system, releasing …

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Healthy, Healthy Hummus

First of all let’s clear something up: we’re not talking about the Hummus dip you buy at the grocery store. Oh no, we’re talking about Hummus… the meal. We go to Israel regularly to visit family and never fail to cause general amusement amongst the locals by telling stories of us silly Australians serving up …

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Simple Exercises to Stabilize Your Lower Back

Acupuncture alone can give you great relief from chronic and acute lower back pain. However, in our experience it is best to start doing simple abdominal strengthening exercises and practice correct postural alignment as soon as your back will let you. Easy abdominal strengthening exercises to stabalize your Lower Back:Small movements for a smarter back …

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Masakazu Ikeda sensei – the art of being human

In life, if you are lucky enough, we come across people that are incredibly human. People that humble and inspire you in the same instant. For me Acupuncture practitioner, scholar and teacher Masakazu Ikeda sensei is one of those people. The following excerpt from an article written by him may give you some insight into …

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Pinched Nerve treatments at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic

Recently we treated a patient who had been suffering with a pinched nerve in her neck for 3 weeks which was causing her much discomfort and affecting her sleep. After trying to have it massaged out at by her Physiotherapist with little success she came to us. To our relief she felt much better after …

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Exercises for your ‘Computer Back’

If you are anything like me, after a few hours of sitting in front of the computer your neck and shoulders start to feel tight, your mid back is painful, your breathing is shallow and your tired. Stretching is a good remedy for this, but something that people don’t really think of very often is …

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