“No Ice” Acupuncture

Heat or Ice?

My patients often ask me why I suggest heat, rather than ice.

We are usually told that ice reduces inflammation and speeds healing. Of course, when there is pain ice will numb it and reduce the swelling. So, what is the big deal?

When an injury occurs in your body, whether its a sprained ankle, a broken foot, or even a cut on your arm, your body races to repair that injury.

The body is geared to send all it can to that injury to start the recovery process.

What does ice do? Think of ice cubes,.. ice congeals into a hard substance, ice numbs and stops feeling. Ice stops the flow of substances. So when your body is trying to bring white blood cells, collagen and other healing substances to an injury, cold blocks it from coming through, thus potentially delaying recovery.


A little exmple from clinic…

I treated a patient who had experienced heal pain for 5 years when I first

started seeing her. She was told by a physio to massage the heal by rolling it on a frozen coke bottle. Surely, it felt good to start with, but the pain always came back the next day. I applied heat moxibustion treatment on her heal and 3 treatments later it was all gone.

Traditional medicine almost always recommends the application of heat to speed the healing process. We use various applications of those awesome herbs in treatment and reccomend the use of heat packs, warming linaments and even just keeping the injured area covered.