Prepare for Winter


A time tested Traditional Chinese Medicine tip for winter is to keep your lower back warm. In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys are our ‘pilot light’, the source of our core energy that ignites all of the others systems in the body. This is why I am very fond of using moxibustion (that amazing warm herb I use during treatment) during this time of year. By warming the lower back with the use of ‘moxa’, we can tonify and strengthen this pilot light, keeping the body warm and full of energy throughout winter.

A great technique to use at home, is to put a wheatpack on your lower back at night while you’re relaxing.
You can also use it on your neck, which will help prevent colds, sinus issues and stiff neck.


Get your vitamin D checked if you sense depression is starting to kick in and you have not been in the sun much.


Start the morning with a good stretch, a walk or any sort of excercise you like to get the qi flowing.


Avoid cold foods such cold salads and fruit. Never eat straight from the fridge. Stick to warm soups and casserol dishes with warm spices such as ginger, garlic and rosemary.