Backpain? Come and see David today for a massage!


Back pain is one of the most common complaints in our society. Usually Back pain is a result of long periods sitting at desks, lack of exercise and stress. While we don’t usually have the capacity to change our life to suit our health and fitness level, we can however incorporate a few things in our life that will help the pain and reduce the likelihood of its re occurrence.

First of all we can get regular massages from a professional massage therapist. Massages don’t just feel incredible, they also have a very soothing effect on your mind easing stress and nurturing your soul.
When massaging the tissue, the therapist will release muscle tension and move toxic lactic acid build up out of the tissues, that’s causing imbalances and pain. Through movement the blood flow throughout the body is stimulated, which means new blood is moving constantly through the body, healing aches and pains, but also reducing stress and keeping our mind in a relaxed state.

And finally to support the treatment it’s important to strengthen and stretch your muscles, to achieve a long lasting feel good effect. Unless you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is no need to spend long hours at the gym. A few exercises that you can do from home are sufficient to build up strength to hold your posture in the right place, and also to move stagnation through your tissue. A very holistic exercise is Yoga, that strengthen your body,stretches the muscles, and relaxes your mind is recommended. About 10 mins every day, or 20 mins every second day will be enough to ensure your well being. Please ask our practitioners for suitable exercises and stretches for you.

If you have further questions or would like to make a booking, please give David at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic a call today on 0423 392 685.