Side effect: Absolute relaxation!

We use to be able getting the right treatment for our complaints from the doctors, unfortunately with multimillion dollar pharmaceutical companies controlling the medical industry these days, it’s often hard to determine if the medication we are receiving from the medical professionals is actually helping us to get better, or not.
It’s good to know that with acupuncture and massage there are no side effects, apart from total relaxation and a sense of nurturing yourself and looking after your body. During an acupuncture or massage treatment the body and mind reaches an instant calm, slowing down your thoughts and giving balance back to mind and body. During each session the practitioner is usually stimulating blood flow through your body, which acts like a healing elixir throughout the body. Removing toxins and stagnations, which may cause you pain or stress. If the blood flow in your body is regular, that usually means your body and mind are healthy and healing themselves well.

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