Realign your Spine


There are a lot of very active people among us, who are doing a lot of exercise to get fit, stay strong, and keep healthy. But even when you are doing the ‘right’ thing you can still suffer from ongoing pain in your body. The body’s internal skeletal scaffolding is the first place which needs to be addressed. If the framework is straight, the joints can move freely and the muscle groups have a better chance to work together without imbalance, spasm or injury. Repeated daily activities, sitting & sleeping positions, or even a slight leg length difference sets up lines of strain through the body which can tilt the pelvis or cause the spine to misalign as it tries to maintain the body’s centre of gravity. To support this tilted structure, postural muscles will have to work harder to hold it’s position leading to constant back pains, tight shoulders, head aches or other pains. Luckily there are a couple of things that you can do to adjust your body and overcome your pains. Using a combination of joint mobilization, acupuncture and massage, David will be able to ease off the tension in your body that is supporting the tilted structure. Once the muscles are nice and soft, David can then readjust your alignment throughout the entire body, using gentle Craniosacral adjustment techniques. As we work, we also look for any offending daily lifestyle habits which may be underlying causative factors and investigate simple alternative measures which will remove the problem at its source. Please give David at Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic a call on 0423 392 685 if you have further questions, or if you would like a check up.