Make your New Year’s resolution a success! 


What is your New Year’s resolution for 2015? Quit smoking? Be more active? Lose some weight? Here are some tips how to prepare for your New Year’s resolution and how to succeed.


  • Set a goal that is achievable, realistic and specific. For example I want to quit smoking in 6 weeks.
  • Break it down into smaller steps. For example reduce smoking by 3 cigarettes every week. Or Start walking 10 mins every 3rd day.
  • Prepare yourself for the task and start to reduce smoking or unwanted behavior before New Year’s Eve. In this way you are already a winner when New Year’s Eve comes; you have already achieved a reduction of the old behavior.
  • If you find it hard to conquer old habits, acupuncture can help overcoming old unwanted behavior patterns and other alternative medicines can provide the kick start or the motivation to help achieve your goal.

Ask our practitioners at Brisbane Acupuncture how you can achieve your goals for the new year.