Qi Gong… Chee what?.. Chee Gung… Qi Gong

For those of you who don’t know much about Traditional Chinese Exercise (Qi Gong), let us explain. You’ve probably heard of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

Qi Gong involves:
– soft, flowing movements that mobilize your joints (like Tai Chi)
– stretching, holding postures and deep breathing (like Yoga)
– building core strength, balance and body awareness (like Pilates).

Qi Gong, pronounced Chee-kung is basically martial arts training with less focus on self-defense and more focus on health maintenance. For thousands of years this style of exercise has been practiced and refined purely for health benefits. It is actually the oldest form of therapeutically specific exercise in history. It has been steadily growing in popularity in the West over the last 50 years, and now, after many request from our patients we have finally got an introductory course ready for you.


We’re excited to be kicking off the new year with some arm swiming, mind centering, core strengthening fun.

Introduction to Qi Gong Course Details

When: 7-8am every Tuesday (weather permitting)

Where: New Farm Park (On the river, top of the hill, near the Rotunda)
Parking available on Brunswick street

Cost: $15 per class

Instructor: Andrew Beencke
Andrew has nearly 10 years training experience up his sleeve, a palpably infective passion for Qi Gong and teaches exercises to his patients regularly.


Phone/txt: 0435 741 263
Email: ninjapuncture@gmail.com

Please feel free to watch the videos below to get an idea of what classes will be like.