Stress, Insomnia and Fatigue

Learn to meditate. Simple. Fast. Now.

Are you suffering with uncomfortably tight neck and shoulders?

By gently placing needles at the tight points in your neck and shoulders we can melt away the tension that is built up in them.

Do you feel like you can’t stop thinking about what you have to do in the future?

Let your mind float away as you drift on the fringe of consciousness during your acupuncture session. Our patients report a feeling of focused relaxation after treatment no matter what they originally came in for.

Are having difficulty falling asleep or are waking up frequently through the night?

We can help work on down-regulating your sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for your highly alert brain that is keeping you up at night.

How do we treat stress?
In our clinic we have successfully helped many people like you with a combination of:
– skillful palpation
– massage
– deep intra-muscular warming
– gentle needling
– exercise advice

How many treatments will you need?
Usually we see patients that are suffering with stress and tension on a weekly basis as they need it. You may find, as many have before you, that these treatments become an integral part of your stress management routine.