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Neck and Shoulder Pain and Tension

Is your neck movement being limited by sudden and sharp pain?

You most likely have an inflamed nerve in your neck that is being aggravated by muscle fibers that have seized around it. We can help relax these tight muscles, reduce the inflammation and get you back to normal.

Do you work at a computer and find that your upper back and shoulders get increasingly uncomfortable?

By gently placing needles at the tight points in your neck and shoulders we can melt away the tension that is built up in them. We can also show you some tried and tested chinese style exercises for your self management.

Are you feeling a nagging pain in your upper back, neck or shoulders that just won’t go, even with massage?

These nagging painful spots are often found close to the spine in the neck and between the shoulder blades. We find that with acupuncture we can get to the heart of these annoying muscular problems and scratch the itch for you.

How do we treat neck and shoulder pain?
In our clinic we have successfully helped many people like you with a combination of:
– skillful palpation
– massage
– deep intra-muscular warming
– gentle needling
– exercise advice

How many treatments will you need?

We aim to give you relief within 1-3 treatments, however it can take 6-8 treatments to fully resolve some chronic or stubborn neck complaints. Neck and shoulder tension that is being caused by your day to day life may require ongoing management.