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Is your headache occurring with tension in your neck and shoulders?

Sounds like you have a tension headache. The first bit of good news is… using acupuncture we can often give you relief from your headache after just one treatment. The second bit of good news is… regular treatments and exercises can help you alleviate your neck and shoulder tension which are causing your headaches.

Are you experience visual disturbances and/or nausea with your headaches?

Acupuncture can be effective for both the stabbing head pain you are experiencing and the nausea. Don’t spend another day on the couch in pain, let us help you find a solution to your migraines.

Do you get headaches that are considerably worse on one side?

These are most likely cluster headaches, they are often one sided and run in the family. If you are suffering chronically with pain, we can help you with monthly acupuncture treatments to reduce the regularity and severity of your headaches.

How do we treat headaches?
In our clinic we have successfully helped many people like you with a combination of:
– skillful palpation
– massage
– deep intra-muscular warming
– gentle needling
– exercise advice

How many treatments will you need?
For acute headaches it might take 1-3 treatments to achive benefits. For chronic headaches it might take 6-8 treatments or more depending on your particular history.